Hello everyone in cyberspace!

My name is Kaitlin Zeilman, and I am a senior journalism major at Rowan University in Glassboro, New Jersey. This blog will be part of my classwork for this semester in Copy Editing, so please read and enjoy.

My first experience writing for college publications was at Rosemont College from 2006-2008, where I was a staff writer and movie reviewer for the Rambler. When I transferred to Rowan, I became a contributor to both the Whit and Rowan on the Record.

I interned for the Courier-Post over the last summer, working for, a hyperlocal website. InJersey has many sites within its base organization. The Courier is in charge of two of them (Collingswood and Cherry Hill). I worked for the Cherry Hill site under Julia Hays and Ted Mann. It was a great experience, and I recommend interning there for anyone who might be looking for that kind of opportunity next semester.

I also work part-time for Babies R’ Us of Cherry Hill, and am an active member of the exec board of Rowan’s chapter of the Golden Key Honor Society.

When I graduate college, I hope to work at a newspaper somewhere in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, preferably in the town where my house is located (Greenville, Texas). The Herald-Banner is one of the local papers in that area that I would really like to write for. I would also really like to write books, fiction or non-fiction, at some point in the future, as well as freelance for magazines.

I am a big advocate of reading actual books, not e-readers, like Kindle or Nook. I hate them. Paper is always better. I also have no place in my life for anything associated with Mac. The only time that I use their electronics is when there are no other computers for me to use.

I am really enjoying my experience in Copy Editing so far, even though I see some possible difficulty with the subject matter, as far as the AP Stylebook is concerned. But, as anyone that has dealt with something that they don’t quite grasp, I am sure that I will prevail.

Thanks for reading my first entry, and keep an eye out for future ones.


About zeilma45

Hi Everyone! My name is Kaitlin Zeilman, and I am a journalism major at Rowan University in Glassboro, New Jersey. This blog is part of an assignment for my Online Journalism class. I hang out in the diners in and around my hometown quite often, so I thought that I would highlight some of my favorite ones.
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  1. Rowanceprof says:

    Kaitlyn, you have some good experiences so far, and I think you will be a great asset to class this semester. I’m looking forward to your contributions…Prof Woodell

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