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In this day and age, there are many skills that a copy editor needs to do their job properly. One of those skills would be to have a good background in all of the ways that have worked before in order to move forward in the future of a news publication. It is very easy to become digital as a reporter, even if you do not have a strong computer background.

Take the Courier-Post’s blogs for an example. Local news from selected towns is edited and put into blog form, and then in turn, is sometimes used for the paper. It depends on whether or not they have room for some stories, but like I said before, this is a way of newspapers becoming digital while still retaining some form of print news. Building hyperlocal website blogs and editing news for those readers is a building block for the future.

Another skill that copy editors need to know in order to do their job properly would be the ability to understand when new ways need to be instituted. In The Daily Collegian, it called some of the old ways and people “dinosaurs.” I don’t necessarily agree with that statement.

I understand that Philadelphia Media Network is out to make a profit-making machine, and the paper can be, but they are not going to solve a publication’s problems by removing a two-time Pulitzer prize winner from an editing position. Why not work together on solutions? Why not use each other’s knowledge to make the paper what everyone wants?

Will Marimow could have still led the Inquirer to great heights with his level of expertise. The company could have made suggestions, and the newspaper staff could have worked on making it happen over a period of time. Everyone has to learn to make changes in their skill set sometime.

The last skill that even copy editors need in order to move into the digital age would be not necessarily to throw caution to the wind, but be able to take risks. Even business wise, no one knows if everything that a company is going to try to make a business profitable is going to work. The willingness to try new things is what counts.


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Hi Everyone! My name is Kaitlin Zeilman, and I am a journalism major at Rowan University in Glassboro, New Jersey. This blog is part of an assignment for my Online Journalism class. I hang out in the diners in and around my hometown quite often, so I thought that I would highlight some of my favorite ones.
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